Raw Materials

We only work with suppliers that have TIF certification, and preferably that have plants approved by the USDA.

Knowing of the importance of the raw materials we utilize to obtain the best finish product with the quality and safety that our clients and consumers demand. We work only with suppliers certified by TIF and preferably that have plants approved by the USDA. We are constantly working by evaluating and testing of raw materials as well as visits to our supplier’s establishments and processes to validate that they are aligned with the quality demands of Amercian Beef.

Sanitation Standard Operation Procedures (SSOP)

Standard Operative Procedures that describe the tasks of Sanitation. In American Beef we have a complete shift to wash and sanitize the plant every day. These sanitization processes are applied before, during, and after the process.

Sensory Evaluations

Knowing of the importance to fulfill the requirements of each and every one of our clients, we have created a group of specialists independent of the processing, quality and innovation areas to realize the sensory evaluations of new products and any existing that has suffered a change in the process, raw material, ingratiates etc. the sensory evaluations is who gives precise information of the perception that the final consumer of the product and his/her acceptance or rejection. It is a valuable tool for quality control and acceptance of the food.

The SQF program is a management protocol of the quality and security of the food that utilizes the HACCP and CODEX alimentarius principles and guides. Said protocol is absolutely integrated and specifically designed for the food sector in order to avoid compromised food that may reach the market. We are qualified since April of 2011

A systematic preventive process to guarantee food safety. In this program, all of the dangers of product contamination are identified, evaluated, and prevented at the physical, chemical, and biological level all along the supply chain, establishing preventive and corrective measures. Our quality assurance staff is qualified by recognized organizations. Additionally we hire additional consultation services. These qualifications are updated periodically to ensure the optimum performance of the HACCP plan.

Means Federal Type Inspection, it is a system of sanitary quality certification that the Mexican Federal Government grants through SAGARPA. In order to use this seal of approval like a TIF plant. We must first comply with all the Mexican normativity. As well as implementing the BPM´s (Good Manufacturing Processes), POES (Program of Sanitization Standard of Operation) and have realized a Risk Analysis and Critical Points of Control (HACCP). American Beef is certified like Federal Inspection Type Nu. 154 since 1994.

American Beef´s system of quality and food safety has been evaluated by U.S. department of Agriculture (USDA), we currently are authorized to export to the United States. Through process and installation audits from the USDA, our system is accredited like equivalent as the requirements of the plants in the United States. It means that our products exported to the US and Puerto Rico have the same guarantees, quality and food safety as the products made in the US.

Customs and trade against terrorism associate (C-TPAT)

Is a voluntary supply chain program led by the US Customs and Border Protection Office that focuses on improving the security of supply chains of private companies with respect to terrorism.